Terms and Conditions

The mentioned terms and conditions shall support those of Car Rental Service Contract. Also, those published on PayTabs' website and cell phone apps frequently.

Growth car rentals will consistently pay transaction charges and no constant charges.

Once a car rental becomes a Growth Car Rental, they keep their status, leading to more stable, easy and calculable billing. Whenever the Growth status has been attained, the car rental will not be shifted back to the initial plan if the shares decline to AED 20,000 in coming months.

Transaction charges in connection to the Growth Car Rentals are applicable to transactions as the month passes and as the transactions are performed.

All charges and prices shown above are without VAT. The Car Rental has an obligation to pay any VAT payments that must be paid, on demand. MyRidePay along with its providers may suppress any VAT or other tax or levy obligation if needed or informed to do so, as per the applicable rules and regulations.

Payments in foreign currencies utilize the actual forex rate at the time of processing. A conversion charge is applicable on foreign currency payments at the price decided by MyRidePay and its associates.

All allowed transaction methods are liable to the respective charges outlined by the MyRidePay.

For one agreeing to the certain terms of the Agreement, there might be extra fees (of various types), costs, fines, penalties and levies etc. That may be charged or incurred by the card schemes and/or obtaining institutions shall be tolerated by the Car Rental.

The charges and prices as mentioned above and/or at any other place (as included in the signed agreement) are non returnable. For the purpose of clarity, set-up fee and/or any other charges and prices included but not restricted to integration charges, monthly charges, payment charges or any similar charges or fees applied/obtained according to the terms of a signed contract and/or this timetable, are non-returnable.

Charges mentioned above in this document are in US dollars and might be charged equally in any other suitable currency at the specific approval of PayTabs or wherever it is required as per the applicable laws and regulations.

Upon account discontinuation request or discontinuation of services, the applicable charges and fees will be completely charged for the entire passage of calendar month, disregarding the fact that the discontinuation started immediately after the Car Rental account became live or in the initial weeks or later days of the calendar month.

Car Rental is obligated to pay any and every previous payment (including the prices and charges mentioned above) to MyridePay without any postponement. If there is any postponement in payment of charges, or any similar other amount payable/outstanding in connection Car Rental's account, PayTabs has the authority to discontinue all or one or more of its services to the Car Rental for an undefined period of time and/or discontinue the relationship with such Car Rental at any time, by exercising its authority to perform mandatory extraction of payments/recoveries. Any extra costs and expenses made by the PayTabs by starting these extractions of payments/recoveries will be tolerated by the Car Rental.

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