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Get Application Approval within 24 hours

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With MyridePay, geography will be history. To cater to online businesses with global reach, our secure and seamless global payment gateway can support customers by facilitating payments through multiple payment options like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, mada, SADAD, STC Pay, OmanNet and many more.

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In any business platform, secure payments are the biggest concern. Car rental industry in UAE has vast prospects, and with that comes a concern to keep an established payment gateway for the renters all around the world. MyRide being the devotees for cars wanted an easy process of receiving, converting and tracking the payments received by the renters all around the world. Hence, MyRidePay was born. So no matter what kind of car rental industry you have, let us handle your payment gateway and be free of excessive processes to handle the payments.

Why Choose MyRidePay for a Car Rental Gateway?

To provide car rental companies with the most secure payment gateway, we have partnered with PayTabs. PayTabs is one of the leading payment gateway providers for every industry. Our years of experience in the automobile industry and PayTabs experience combined can solve all of your payment problems.

  • Accept payments from anywhere in the world with multiple alternative payment options, our payment gateway makes car rental for your customers hassle-free which subsequently helps you to grow your business.
  • Payment security and fraud prevention are the main focus of this venture. We keep your customers' data secure, so they can rely on you for your services.
  • Boost your processing speed with this payment platform, more reliability and better acceptance rates.
  • You will have a personal and dedicated account team and live transaction monitoring option for closer accessibility.
  • Simple website integrations with API solutions, SDK, HTTPS redirection and secure hosting.
  • Quickly receive access to the amount paid by your customers.
  • Accept payments securely and immediately via Visa and Mastercard and we will settle your sales automatically to your bank account.


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We will assess your credentials and request for relevant documentation, to assess the eligibility. Within 24 to 48 hours we will confirm your account, and you can take the test tour or simply go live by integrating our payment portal.


It is time to integrate our payment solutions on your car rental website and start receiving your payments through a secure, easier and faster method.

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MyridePay is a one stop solution payment gateway for car rental Industries in UAE. We provide secure, fast and easy options to receive and manage your payments by your clients. Owned by Myride Middle East DMCC.

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